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Katy Perry’s Latest Video Electric Features Pikachu, Pichu

Katy Perry’s latest video has dropped and it contains a few surprising faces alongside the pop star. Pikachu and Pichu, two of the iconic electric Pokémon are prominently featured in the video for the track Electric. With the name of the track syncing up with the Pokémon’s type, it kind of makes sense, and the two are as usual quite adorable with their behaviors during the tune. And yes, Katy Perry pets Pikachu in the video. We’ve made it.

 You can watch the video below:

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The video’s launch got a shout out from the official Pokémon Twitter account as well. It turns out, people really like the cute little creatures that have become the face of the brand over the years, ever since the earliest days of the franchise with Red and Blue.

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