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We all love Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield, gasping in fear of baby Chris Redfield

Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield mod is now responsible for more chaos.

Shortly after the release of Resident Evil Village hardworking modders everywhere quickly began working on some of the simpler projects. PC gamers should be familiar with model swaps, which replace existing assets with other games / movies / pop culture.

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One of its most terrifying applications came in the form of the Mini Me Chris mod, which turned Chris Redfield into Ethan and Mia Winters ' baby from the opening minutes of the game. Dissatisfied with their original abomination, modder JTegh decided to flip the script and make Chris Redfield the baby.

Again, the baby face animations are intact, so even if you hear Chris Redfield being scary and mysterious, you ' ll see the baby as the avatar delivering them. The eyes, it seems, don’t move, and JTegh just tried Chris’s version that … Read more