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Frankenstein's Army Director Claims Resident Evil Village Monsters Are Based Off His Designs

Resident Evil Village has a ton of new monsters for Mr. Ethan Winters to face, but not all of them are totally original designs. At least according to Frankenstein’s Army director Richard Raaphorst. 

Raaphorst took to LinkedIn and Twitter to draw similarities between his designs and those of some of the creatures in Resident Evil Village. The similarities are so striking, that even his fans began taking to social media in order to point out the seemingly carbon-copied takes on those that go bump in the night. For direct side-by-side shots, Twitter user @CloneKorp broke it down in the simplest way, showing side-by-side shots of Village monsters next to their Frankenstein’s Army counterparts: 

It’s hard not to see the similarities and Raaphorst himself even retweeted the above thread with a reply, saying, “Oh dude, this … Read more