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Xbox Game Pass Adds 9 New Games, Including Outlast, FIFA 21, And More

Even more titles are joining the Xbox Game Pass library, including the latest FIFA title, a horror favorite with Outlast, and more. Red Dead Online is also available through the evolving subscription service, which comes at the perfect time given that Microsoft recently rescinded the requirement to pay for Xbox Live in order to play with friends remotely. For those interested, here are the new games arriving to Xbox Game Pass – and what’s leaving. 

What’s new on Xbox Game Pass

Since Xbox Game Pass is an ever-evolving subscription service, there will always be new titles coming and going from its lineup. For the newest additions, however, here is what members can look forward to: 

What’s coming: 

  • Dragon Quest Bulders 2, Console and PC – May 4
  • FIFA 21, Console and PC – May 6
  • Outlast 2, Cloud, Console, and PC – May 6
  • Steep, Cloud and Console – May
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