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Pokémon Snap Guide: Where To Find Pokémon In The Lental Region

New Pokémon Snap is now available, and you’re probably wondering where you can find your favorite Pokémon across the Lental region’s diverse biomes. As you may have seen in our other guide, which lists all the Pokémon we’ve discovered so far, New Pokémon Snap features a huge collection of your favorite monsters to find and photograph. While we haven’t uncovered all the Pokémon scattered across the Lental region ourselves, we have a pretty good lay of the land.

The Lental region charges you with scouring 12 different diverse biomes across different research levels and times of day. As you might expect, different Pokémon live in different areas and conditions, while various species are also more active during the night, while others are energetic and visible only during the day.

Where To Find Pokémon In New Pokémon Snap

As you head into these maps, please note that this isn’t a comprehensive … Read more