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YouTubers Life 2 Revealed, Much More Than Just Another Simulator

YouTubers Life first made its debut back in 2016 and was met with positive feedback for its in-depth simulation of what it is like to be a content creator. The title was well-received, and because of that, YouTubers Life 2 is on the way and aims to take the impressively detailed inside look at what it means to be a content creator to a whole new level. For those interested, we here at Game Informer have your first look ready to rock and roll. 

Now, I know what you might be thinking. It’s “fun” and “trendy” to dunk on YouTubers and content creators alike, but what I think many people don’t realize is how demanding this can be. Editing, concept ideation, community management, self-PR, self-marketing, being ahead of the curve with trends, the almost-required need to be “plugged in” 24/7 to stay in the know is honestly exhausting a lot … Read more