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Hyper Roll Brings Fast, Economy-Free Games To Teamfight Tactics

If you’ve been following the auto chess craze, you know that Teamfight Tactics has carved itself a fairly powerful presence in the world of the auto battlers. Today, Teamfight Tactics not only detailed the upcoming Reckoning set mechanics, but also a whole new way to play called Hyper Roll. Hyper Roll makes some bold changes to the core game feature set and removes the concept of investing and economy, and also fits the entire Teamfight Tactics experience into a faster game lasting around 15 minutes.

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Reckoning itself is going to change the game a lot with the new inclusion of Shadow Items. Think about all your favorite stuff, with “dark side” variants. As with any new set, there are oodles of new classes to play with, including Forgotten, Hellion, Nightbringer, Cavalier, Ironclad, Revenant, and Dawnbringer. Of note, Reckoning features more 3 trait Champions Read more