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Outriders Legendary Weapons – How to find and cultivate the best guns

With the last release of Outriders in the wild, you now have full access to a wide range of powerful weapons in both traditional and space-age style to collect. But if you want to find the most extraordinary ordinance in Enoch, you have to lay your hands on the legendary weapon.

The legendary weapon of the Outriders is very powerful, often not only boasting a level of firepower that is sky-high, but also packing a unique ability that far exceeds the regular fare that can you see.

What's more, once you find a unique gun, you can dismantle it for parts and modify it to any other weapon in your inventory.

Some of the legendary guns are more in tune with the different play styles of each Outriders class. With that in mind, we'll show you not only where to find the legendary weapons in Outriders and how to farm … Read more