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Outrider World Tiers | What do the difficulty levels mean

In lieu of traditional difficulty levels, Outriders have World Tiers .

As you pass through the barrens and battlefields of Enoch, under your experience bar is the World Tier meter. Defeating enemies without dying fills this meter, which increases the difficulty of the game every time it reaches the top.

"Increasing difficulty" in this context means that each enemy's base level is raised or lowered relative to the player, giving them more health and doing more damage.

When you unlock a World Tier, it's yours for good, but if it proves too challenging, you can turn it down at any time.

Throughout the early game, it may seem like World Tiers is a smooth curve that you should progress until the end of the game without much effort.

However, if you consider that you are playing difficulty in "Impossible" by the time you reach World Tier 10, then it will … Read more