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CD Projekt Red will work on many AAA games starting in 2022, future marketing campaigns will be shorter

CD Projekt has released an update to its Group strategy for the coming years, beginning with a change in how it buys games.

According to the studio, it will have a shorter marketing phase with promotional content released close to the actual release of a given game – similar to how Bethesda works. In other words, it won’t share as much information before the release of a game as it used to.

CD Projekt RED also plans to showcase its operation on all supported hardware platforms and "rethink its strategy" in announcing new projects. Each year the company will publish a new roadmap, detailing plans for the coming quarters.

In the company notice, CDP also said that starting in 2022 it will work on multiple triple-A games and expansion in parallel. CD Projekt’s Board of Management also announced further brand development and expansion of expertise in the field of online … Read more