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Xbox Series X / S Insider update improves Quick Resume, lets you delete saved states

A new Xbox Series X / S update is due to land soon that will allow gamers to have a touch that is more system control Quick Resume feature.

The update, now available to anyone who is a member of the Alpha Skip-Ahead team, allows you to see all games that support Quick Resume from your Guide.

If you head to Groups, you'll be able to see all the games that support the feature collected in an easy-to-navigate space, also, showing you which titles on your system have a quick Continue to save the stored state. It’s useful, having already mentioned how well Fast Resume can be … when it works.

You will be given the option to delete saved states and free up space on your system, which will allow you for another game in your Quick Resume list or clear titles that are not you're interested in getting back to it easily.

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The new update also allows the Xbox X / S Series to enable audio passthrough, upgrading the console utility a bit more .

"Users will now have a new option to enable audio passthrough in your favorite media apps by going to Settings> Audio> Advanced> Allow Passthrough on the console," the blog post said.

The update also fixes an issue where an update might get stuck while displaying "Ending items" in the queue-something we've seen a fair few reports recently. It’s good to know that Microsoft is addressing these issues.

Xbox engineering leader Eden Marie shared a quick rundown of some of these features via Twitter, which we've embedded below for you to review in more detail.

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