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Within the Dark Souls PvP community that exists in the shadow of the Elden Ring

Over five years after the release, it still took a few seconds to join a fight club in Dark Souls 3 . Playing on the PS4, I leave my summoning sign in the moonlit realm of Irithyll, before the so-called message on the screen begins to sound silently: “Summoned to another world as a ghost”. I saw a familiar scene waiting for me, mostly unchanged from my time walking in the original Dark Souls : a host standing court, throwing bombs in the middle of a large circular arena to indicate the beginning of a duel. between two red ghosts. The other players wait in the wings, sitting comfortably on the edge of a raised platform (or, occasionally, wielding shields).

A tense exchange begins between the two warriors, who feel the distance between each other by swinging the weapon. Most players favor swords or daggers, aggressively lowering opponents, but a decent number came up with experimental weapons: halberds, greatswords, pyromantic flames. It ' s a deadly, intricate dance as the players weave and weave into each other, with small mistakes being cruelly punished. Eventually I turn around, step forward into the arena and quietly bow to my opponent. With the shield raised, with the lightning sword at the ready, I rushed forward. And die. Spit back into my flame, excited, I was shaken. After bringing the battle back to my mind, trying to fix my mistakes, I took a deep breath and dived right away. Each battle, you learn more, and you will be even more attracted to this attractive competitive ecosystem.

The Soulsborne series is known for its aggression mechanics, but more traditional competitive PvP is relatively unknown outside of its dedicated community. However, to learn more about its intricacies, its appeal and the players carrying its torch forward in Elden Ring you need to go back to the source.

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