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Why Hunt: Showdown is the FPS that creates stories

Hunt: Showdown is a decidedly different kind of multiplayer FPS experience. It puts a new spin on the PvE and PvP models featured in its peers, choosing instead to blend together different kinds of multiplayer match types into something that feels unique. And while it involves guns, looting and extraction, it’s a much more flexible game than you might expect. You can earn XP and join in on the monster-hunting action regardless of your play-level and style. There’s clues to be found, enemy teams to outsmart, and tactics to plan and execute alongside your friends. Hunt: Showdown’s maps are mini-sandboxes, filled with monsters and explorable environments that combine to create memorable stories made by the players.

The main objective when you enter a match of Hunt: Showdown is to track down a target, kill them, and extract with the bounty, either solo, or as a duo or trio. How you do this is up to you, and there are several side activities that you can carry out on your way to the boss. The maps of Hunt: Showdown are compact, but filled with ruined buildings, misty swamps, and other points of interest depending on which map you load into. Somewhere hidden away on each map is one or two of the game’s selection of four boss monsters, each different in the ways that they will defend themselves. The Butcher will throw fire bombs, while other monsters will be hyper aware to any sound that you make while moving in for the kill.

To track the boss down, you need to collect clues using your Dark Sight. It’s often great to have one member of the team handling this, as they guide players from point to point, slowly narrowing down the final location. As you make your way from building to swamp and back again, you’ll slowly dispatch monsters and earn Accolades that will award bonuses upon completion. Whether you’re taking out other players, collecting information on the boss, or hanging back and using traps, you’ll be rewarded for your particular playstyle.

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