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What did you play over the weekend?

The weekend is upon us, and that means, hopefully, you'll have plenty of time to play a few games.

Some of us do adult things on the weekends, such as assembling new recliner seats, putting up laminate, cleaning the house, and even bathing the dogs. But in between, we will definitely find time to play some games.

That's right: aging throughout the weekend will be doomed because there are orcs to kill, turnips to buy, bad guys to shoot, and a couple's wedding to save.

With that said, here's what was played and we plan to play this weekend.

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Doranni Williams, Video Producer – Apex Legends, It Takes Two

Many games in my backlog needed I play, Take Two, Disco Elysium, The Life is Strange games and maybe I should remove my Oculus Rift and give Half-life: Alyx another go.

But I'm unlikely to get to those games anytime right away when I'm in a headlock of Apex Legends. Love it or hate it is still the game I grind every day with my friends. But Sunday morning, I’ll try my hardest to tear myself away from the Apex and relax for some It Takes Two. Hopefully, this will teach me a thing or two on how to fix my toxic relationship with the Apex legends.

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James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Fantasian

Adult beckons, so I was tempted to say I was playing Tetris this weekend as I lay on a laminate floor. But really, I’m going to spend the night with Fantasian, the new JRPG from the creator of the original Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Somehow I was able to claim my phone's free Apple Arcade sub on the exact same day that maybe the best game that fell into service came out, and lived up to the charge so far.

The music is chill, the art in the environment – where the staff is coated with pictures of the developed models – is beautiful, and Final Fantasy is often a rip -off. The bartender is still called Cid!

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Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor – Final Fantasy 7, Fantasian

Yeah, a lot of new games came out. E what now? I’m currently part-way through a replay of Final Fantasy 7-the original, not the remake-and I plan to spend most of the weekend polishing it. Although I own these games on countless platforms, for some reason I found myself drawn back to the Final Fantasy games that entered the Xbox Game Pass. I finished Final Fantasy 8 last week, and then my thoughts immediately turned to 7 and 9.

I expected to do the same, but I chose 7 first because the PS5 release is coming soon. of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, so replaying now will be nice and fresh in my mind when I sit down to play that. I'm going for the full 1000 achievement points, because why not – so I ' re doing a lot of grinding to unlock the Great Gospel before that thing happens. More than anything, playing back-to-back FF7 and FF8 really delivers home how wonderful a step-up FF8 is, despite all its flaws.

Moreover, like James I plan to give a Fantasian a look – I just bought an Apple TV 4K for this obvious purpose – so it's better worth the investment! I’m also doing reviews for some games that … I can’t talk about it yet. But if you look at the upcoming release schedule for this month, you can guess.

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Rebecca, Guides Writer – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Not like a stuck record, but in the end of the week I will play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. No please, wait, listen to me.

True, I've played at least half an hour of ACNH every single day since I got my copy an amazing 345 days ago. Right now I feel like I’ve seen almost everything I can see. But since I was a bit caught up in the desert island paradise party, I haven’t yet experienced the Spring Fishing Tourney or witnessed the end of the Cherry Blossom Season – both of which, conveniently, take place this Saturday. So that ' s what I ' m going to play on the weekend. After that, I’ll start trying to reduce it a bit.


Maybe at some point in May.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-The Lord of the Rings Online

My always go-to game when it comes to fixing my Tolkien is my dive into end of the week. I finally convinced two of my friends, who quit the game years ago, to come back and play with me now that they have rejected WoW. So far, we’re talking about the Spring Festival that ended at dawn on Wednesday and gave the Red Maid and a group of flower-eating goats what it was on many occasions. Now that the shrew stomping and maze running is done, it’s time to get back to business.

This weekend, we will try to level some lower level characters and do a pair of Garth Agarwen running in Agamaur. Here, we will do our best to fight the massive insane tree, Grimbark; fight Temair the Devoted, a priest of the Creoth tribe of Hill-men; and show Gaunt-lord Ivar the Blood-hand and his army of the Dead Master. Wish us luck, these three opportunities can be a bit tricky. I can only bring my level 130 hunter to the group instead of my level 35 minstrel and one shot at all to get my friends in and out. But what is the fun there?

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-chief-Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime [19659003] I had an extra break in following the long Easter weekend, so I don ' t look in my library for a co-op game I ' ll face with my son. We just finished the very good It Takes Two, so finding something as good as it will always be a tough ask, but I think we got close to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

In this 2D space shooter of its kind, playable by up to four people locally, each of you control a single character that can run about inside a spaceship. This aircraft (of which more can be unlocked) has stations that operate guns, shields, thrusters, and maps. You must work with your fellow player (s) to jump around and run each of them as you navigate the levels, shoot enemies, and eventually get big bosses.

It's fair to say that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the most motionless games I've played. I had to rest to calm down after suffering the incessant scream from my seven year old to “get the shield” even though I was the only one running the gun and he was busy putting up upgrade gems. Let's not go in here again. I'm done. We both enjoy it, but it’s not a game to play in one sitting unless you want to teach your kids a few words that you don’t want them to repeat on the school playground.

[19659003] Surely these are some interesting and diverse options, which lead us to ask: what did you play over the weekend? We want to know.

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