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What did you play over the weekend?

It's the weekend, which means it's time to leave work behind us, open our consoles or PCs, put aside our worries, and be enthusiastic about another world that can only be realized by those video game.

E3 is done and removed, fortunately, so there is now time to play video games instead of just writing about them.

This weekend, we go to worlds full of fantasy, protagonists, bike tricks, the wedding to end all marriages, and zombies. What a mix.

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Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor – Mass Effect Legendary Edition, SimCasino, and Secret Things

The E3 became intense and took it away completely on me, so I don ' t feel like I need to have a pretty chilled week. I also have some real things to take care of – jobs around the house, family things to deal with – but as always, I’ll force some play.

First, I will continue my long and winding journey through Mass Effect Legendary Edition . I’m almost halfway through Mass Effect 2, but the speed of my play-by-play is minimal and my enthusiasm is boosted by all the glitched achievements in the game-which despite what BioWare said in the patch notes, remains completely broken for me However, I am slowly moving here.

I'll also go back to SimCasino which I wrote as something into a lockdown obsession I had. This early access PC management sim continues to grow with smart updates and additions, and I’m here for it. I come back here once every few months, and it has become a video game for convenience for me – perfect for relieving after the stress of E3.

Finally, I'm working on playing a few games that I can't talk about yet you can expect reviews in the coming week or two. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

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James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

In the next gen hinterland where you don't unsure of what would turn out where, I poured £ 70 into Final Fantasy 7 Remake when it crashed last year.

Being three years old when the game came out, but knowing all the spoilers by osmosis, I was quite excited to see what all the fuss was about – up to the promise of a bigger one, a shinier, PS5 version appeared in the middle of my playthrough.

Immediately sinking any sense of sight, I resigned myself to another year of waiting, until this weekend, when I had time to go back.

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Rebecca Jones, Writers' Guides – Danganronpa still, along with maybe some action games

Nasa I’m still on a mission to end unr avelling the mystery of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – further fueled by the announcement at E3 that a new collection of the original trilogy, along with one of the spin -offs, will be will be released on Switch sometime this year. Unfortunately, I didn ' t get a chance to play any more this week: Class Tests seem to be half an hour longer each hour, so I ' ve reached the last section of Chapter 5, I hope to have sit for a good three hours to resolve it. Do you have any idea how I rarely get three consecutive hours free in a work day, Danganronpa ?! I can't even watch movies anymore! I'm lucky if I can sleep in the long undisturbed !! … So yes, this one is definitely a must play for the weekend.

If for some unproven reason I'm burning after trying out the visual novel about deceased teenagers, I have a few mental games to go on. First is the Control : undoubtedly my favorite video game narrative over the past few years, but the game itself is one I keep bouncing around for reasons I can’t really explain. Every few months I would take it, play six hours in a single sitting, then put it on for two months and repeat. But why? I love this game as I play it, I love it as I think about playing it, but somehow I just struggle to walk every time. Hopefully not at this time.

So there are Marvel’s Avengers . The E3 announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy – while not by the same developers, or even really connected despite being more widely owned and shared by publishers – reminds me that I bought this game after Christmas and was on it's still cellophane. Separate review aside, I still want to play it. But with the better -looking Guardians releasing in just a few months, I’m starting to feel now or never if I want to move this title from my pile of embarrassment anytime in the next five years.

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Sherif Saed, Staff Writer – Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Chivalry 2

Even before this officially announced, the idea of ​​ Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has always intrigued me . Even though I’m not a fan of Final Fantasy, I thought it would be a more accessible Nioh version of Team Ninja, and I wanted to see what that was.

And yes, the game's display at E3 wasn't impressed, and impressions so far have been dire. But modern Team Ninja games aren’t really really technical showcases. It’s a builder that handles action games well, and you can always expect the deep, enjoyable mechanics of most other studios to be thrilling even to imagine.

I'm going to go with an open mind and I'll just see what it is; judge it on its own merits. If I’m finally satisfied, I’ll probably end up playing it on the PC where it might look better than it does now on the PS5. We will see.

I also plan to play Chivalry 2 which comes out right in the middle of E3 madness. Between covering various events and watching the rest of my own time, I don ' t have time to actually play past games and change.

But the E3 madness has subsided, and it's time to catch up on what I missed. Chivalry 2 is the big one, of course, because I really enjoyed the recent beta. Anyone who plays regular multiplayer action games will tell you that those first couple of launch weeks are often the best in the game. Before YouTubers created detailed guides, and Reddit users discovered glitches and broken movements – this was the era where we were all new, and we were discovering everything for the first time, exploring the game on our go .

I'm hoping this season will last a bit longer on Chivalry 2 compared to – say, a game like Mordhau, which was quickly overtaken by ultra -hardcore, toxic shitbags. The more casual presentation of Chivalry 2 and the more accessible mechanics are expected to drive these types of people away, the better for us.

I think having cross-play between different platforms also means I can be matched with players whose skills are similar to mine, thanks to a wider pool of players . I’m particularly interested in trying out classes and loadouts that we can’t access in the beta and spending a little time practicing my drag.

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Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – The Lord of the Rings Online, Left 4 Dead

Now it's E3 is behind us and I’m no longer videotaped out, I plan to play a lot of things over the weekend – once I sleep well and maybe a nap or two – I’m exhausted.

Saturday night, three friends and I always chose a game to play together, and on the weekend it was Left 4 Dead . The four of us were excited about Back 4 Blood, so we thought we’d give the original Turtle Rock zombie shooter away for the sake of the season and to prepare for the release of the new game in October.

I have to admit that I'm not good at first-person shooters, but my teammates are very patient with me and not too upset when things get angry and I accidentally shot one of them. They also promise to be a bit slow instead of running here and there very fast, leaving me. If a real zombie apocalypse happened, well, we’d all be screwed with me on the bandwagon. Just leave me. This will be best for the other survivors, and I understand. No hard feelings.

Lord of the Rings Online started its midsummer festival yesterday, and I'm ready to jump in and complete some adventures associated with the festival so I can get money to buy a new horse (there's six), outfits, and new pet chipmunks that are super cute.

Last year, Standing Stone games introduced the new annual event celebrating the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. The wedding is long overdue because Elrond does not allow Arwen and Aragorn to marry until the latter becomes King of both Arnor and Gondor. Now that he’s king, it’s time to celebrate – with tons of adventures running all over Minas Tirith making favors for wedding planners and more.

There is also an epic questline associated with the festival, and smaller celebrations across the Middle Ages at Thorin ' s Hall, Celondim, Duillond, Bree, and at The Party Tree outside Bilbo ' s house in Hobbiton.

While these repetitive adventures can be a bit tedious, if you want everyone to have something to offer, it's best just to stick your chin in and after all. Plus, there's a 10 hour cooldown or more per adventure, so you'll somehow get a little break. Unless, of course, you jump on another character who needs to complete them.

I couldn ' t find a video to show you the festivities, so I just popped in one featuring a soundtrack for the festival. The music in Lotro is mainstream, and the particular piece composed by Bill Champagne is even more adorable.

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief- Descenders

I haven't had a busy week when it comes to actual gaming , instead of watching a lot of E3 content that I missed on the work day, but I’m kind of talking to Left . It’s fair to say that I’m not good at descending cycling in a virtual world (and I hope so in the real world), but Descenders delivers easier mini plates full of speed and danger that are perfect for 10 minutes of play. here and there.

The game has also received a nice update to the Xbox Series X recently, making it look better or run more smoothly depending on your TV preferences and capabilities. Ancestors feels like one of those success stories that goes unnoticed. If you like the idea of ​​high speed, high stakes, full of tricks to ride a bike, give it a spin. It’s in the Game Pass if you get that.

Of course, we have other things to do this week. Things let slippery while covering E3 2021, but still, video games are going to be a big part of the equation. What do you plan on getting up to over the next few days, and what did you play this weekend?

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