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Warzone's new perz: is Combat Scout and Tempered worth it?

Warzone's new perz are here, but the big question is whether they're worth your time.

Season 5 adds two new perks that seem easy to use on the surface, but each has a significant hint that makes them potentially less useful in practice. Raven may change each one as time progresses depending on how players use them, and we’ll update if that’s the case.

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Warzone new perks | Is Combat Scout worth it?

The Combat Scout was the most useful victory of the season, although it was also a scenario. Combat Scout momentarily highlights an enemy you have damaged and automatically pings them, which is extremely useful should the opponent flee or you need some backup support from your squad. ' make a big difference. However, it is better to drop into a battle prepared for any event.

However, Raven also added a feature to Cold-Blooded that completely rejected Combat Scout. In Warzone, Cold-Blooded makes operators invisible and prevents the Combat Scout from applying to them.

If Combat Scout becomes a popular one, expect many players to start using Cold-Blooded as well.

Warzone new perks | Is Tempered Worth It?

Tempered is a perk you should experiment with to see how it increases your playstyle. However, it has less potential to shake the game compared to Combat Scout.

Tempered gives you fully armored status with just two plates. That means you’ll receive up to 75 damage points, and you don’t need three plates to do so. It also means that you can't not equip three plates. Weigh any benefits of a little too much offer armor with the benefit you usually get from too much joy.

The new Warzone era also brings a lot of new weapons as well. Unlocking them is easier than you might think, but it’s also worth staying with the reliable best loads as well.

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