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The Xbox Wireless Headset has been restocked at Walmart, so grab it now

The Xbox Wireless Headset has been hard to come by since it was released, but Walmart has gotten a meaty restock of elusive equipment.

The Xbox is celebrating its 20th anniversary in many ways, but perhaps the unexpected is a restock of the Xbox Wireless Headset. It’s probably a coincidence, but if you’re in the US, Walmart has had a huge restock of the popular headset, with the $ 99.99 accessory remaining in stock for quite some time at this point. Considering the previous stock since its launch only takes a few minutes more, it’s safe to say that the retailer has a big restock.

You may be wondering why you should hurry to pick up this headset. So … it’s horrible! When we reviewed the Xbox Wireless headset, it worked well, and the price point was a steal. Microsoft also nailed the design, that is, avoiding the unsightly look of an unfortunate other headset. You can also use this headset on a PC, so at $ 100, this is the value.

As a result, it has been difficult to handle them since it launched a few months ago. This Walmart restock is the first to go on long enough to write a post about it, but who knows how long it will take. Don’t wait if you’re in the US and looking for one!

  • Xbox Wireless Headset for $ 99.99 at Walmart

If you're in the UK, I'm sorry to say there hasn't been a major restock yet. However, if this Walmart restock is an indicator of things to come, we could see them at many retailers soon – maybe even some stock on Amazon in time for Prime Day?

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