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The transmog of Destiny 2 is really bad

Players in Bungie ' s first person lootshooter Destiny 2 were increasingly unhappy with how well the transmog system handled.

Even if this is stated, players may recognize that Destiny 2's proposed transmog system is a chaotic, grinding mess. In other words, Armor Synthesis (as it’s formally known) is limited, easy to use, requires a lot of grinding, and involves the Eververse in-game premium store in a significant way.

Not perfect then. What’s worse is that dedicated Guardians understand that Synthstrand – the base level of the three transmog currencies – seems bound to time.

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there's nothing you can do in-game to speed up the rate at which you earn Synthstrand was first seen by Alonie's r / RaidSecrets poster -homie and verified by Eurogamer and other reddit users.

Further research from the community suggests that reaching the transmog cap will take you nearly seven days of in-game gaming time. “It puts the total time to reach the transmog cap on a character at 53 hours and 20 minutes or 6 days and 16 hours for three characters,” I3igB said on reddit. They also showed their work, separating the detail of that number in the link – and that time is based on whether you’re just looking for tokens by fighting, and ignoring all the other activities that are in game.

Polygon reckons which means 25 hours of play time per element you want to synthesize. That didn’t look good (no pun intended), and it didn’t go well with the community in general.

What it gets, in the eyes of the community, is you can pay to speed up the whole process and bypass the grind: a single Synthweave Template will cost you 300 Silver, and the bundle will run you 1,000 ($ 10) .

Players argue that Bungie deliberately made the grinding long and tedious to push players toward spending premium money if they wanted to transmog.

A bad look at any Destiny community will show you that there are calls for the developer to identify this issue, and provide information about what it plans to do to address the anxiety of players going forward.

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