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The Mako of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been improved, but you can disable the new handling

Although upgrades have been made to Mako in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you can go back to the previous handling if you wish.

This is according to BioWare who recently spoke to PC Gamer about Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition .

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As you know, the M-35 Mako has been updated to handle better than before, and it does feel less light and bouncy. With the update, the car feels heavier and the slide is smoother.

But, if you prefer the way old Mako is handled, you can turn off the improvements, according to project director Mac Walters and environmental director Kevin Meek.

"For people out there who like the disease, we left the option to leave it back close to the original controls as well if you wanted to," Meek said.

"You can't get consensus," Walters said, "whether some people like it, or some people hate it. We make a big point of it often in marketing, but it's a lot more lighter touch than I think some people might think. And the optional control method is optional, so you can go back and forth. "

" Playing Mako now versus playing Mako back to the original, especially on the PC, like night and day, ”Meek said. "I don't want to throw away my keyboard and mouse after every encounter with the thresher maw or trying to climb a mountain."

Other changes made to the Mako include improved camera controls, the ability to aim accurately at lower angles, shields recharge faster, and new thrusters added for a speed boost.

Its cooldown is separate from jump jets ' and the XP penalty while on Mako has been removed.

Also, handling lava no longer results in an instant mission failure and instead deals damage over time.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released on May 14. For a deeper look at everything you can expect to come in May, check out Alex's full preview. He also prepared a comparison with the classic and remastered.

It is available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The collection will also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S via backward compatibility.

Mako's Mass Effect Legendary Edition post has been improved, but you can disable the new handling that first appeared in VG247.

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