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The first update of Biomutant to address dialogue, narrator, difficulty and combat

The first major patch for Biomutant is currently in operation.

The Biomutant experiment of Experiment 101 revealed that it already works in the first major update of the game. The main purpose of this one is to address some of the feedback from the players who played the game at launch.

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In a series of Tweets, the developer specifically addressed the walking dialogue, the game's over -speaking, general difficulty, and even options such as the ability to turn off depth of field and movement . The patch will also bring a tuning pass to enemy damage / health, as well as game battles.

The developer is not detailed on what actually changed, but the topics cover most of the players' problems in the game. In our review impressions, Tom and Dorrani called the game’s poor opening minutes, which included a lot of conversation and world development and still asked you to make a big decision on the story – come along either the Jagni or Myriad tribes – before you’re given a chance to explore.

Combat's weightless feel is another issue we've discussed, and it's probably the most annoying aspect of the game for many. The narrator, too, has become a particularly sticking point. In Biomutant, the narrator translates every line of dialogue from Simlish to English. It also comments on much of what you do, and can be very arrogant after extended sessions.

Outside of this, you can also expect a bug fix. The patch doesn’t have a release target yet, but Experiment 101 said it will come to PC first before it can be made available on other platforms.

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