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The Chess Match Polemic IM GothamChess VS Dewa Kipas

The chess match between Dadang Subur ‘Dewa Kipas’ and Grand Master Irene Sukandar took place on Monday, March 22, 2021 yesterday. The match was broadcast live on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel and is estimated to have been watched by 7 million people.

The Chess Match Dewa Kipas vs IGM Irene Sukandar

Unfortunately, Dadang Subur, who was praised by many Indonesian netizens, lost badly to Irene with a score of 0-3.
In fact, the chess match did not escape the scrutiny of Levy Rozman, the owner of the GothamChess account, who was previously accused of having the Fan God account blocked from According to Levy, the playing accuracy of the Dewa Kipas account in the match against Irene Sukandar is still less than 40 percent.

Furthermore, Levy said that with more than 1 million people watching the match, chess could become increasingly popular.
Even people who cheat can be caught. However, Levy still regrets the attitude of Dadang Subur ‘Dewa Kipas’ who won the Rp. 100 million prize and has not acknowledged the truth.

“So, @irene_sukandar beat Dewa_Kipas 3-0. It was less than 40 percent accurate in that game. More than 1 million people watched the match. The good: Chess can be famous. People who cheat will be caught.

The bad: He (Fan God) won 7000 USD and is called brave and won’t admit the truth, “tweeted @GothamChess on Monday, March 22, 2021. Furthermore, he told Indonesian netizens that it was an exciting adventure that must now come to an end. He left it up to netizens whether he wanted to believe the truth or hide it.

Currently, Levy is planning to reopen his YouTube channel and invite netizens to enjoy his chess videos.

Levy admitted that it was not his fault that the Dewa Kipas account was banned

At that time, there were around 12 thousand people watching his game with the Fan God account who also thought there were irregularities in the account. “I think this account uses some kind of assistance when playing, then the account is closed,” concluded Levy to Deddy.

However, he said the blocking of Dewa Kipas was not automatically due to mass reports from his fans. Rather, the decision came from checking the account’s algorithm by In fact, he said Chess Officer Daniel Reisch also said that this case was fraudulent by using a machine. Starting from the accuracy of the movements to the consistent lag time, it makes them think that the Fan God account uses the help of a machine. In closing, the owner of the Gotham Chess account hopes that this problem can end soon and return to normal.

Over the feud, GothamChess also received many comments from netizens. One of them is by showing a screenshot of his conversation with someone, who asks why he blocked comments on his YouTube channel. “Many messages of hate are not from small children but from educated adult men, some are even married, religious and have children,” he wrote, which was just uploaded on Tuesday (16/3/2021). This problem started when Dadang dueled with GothamChess on the online chess site, Dadang, who at that time won the match, was accused of cheating so that his admission was mass-reported by Gotham Chess fans.

Not only that, chessup sport also ensured that the accounts of Dewa Kipas or Dadang Subur were blocked for violating the rules of the ‘fair play’ game. The Fan Gods’ movements are not like normal humans, but rather like a chess machine or aids. In fact, said that it would not block someone’s account just because of reports from GothamChess or other chess content creators.