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Review of Deathloop: a thrilling, smooth adventure – and the best game of Arkane & # 039;

At the heart of Deathloop in both narrative and video game terms is the titular loop. One could argue that Arkane Studios has also embraced something of a loop itself. There’s a certain kind of game they do, a certain feeling that Dishonored, Prey, and now Deathloop have together. As the leader in this game, Arkane has taken a new path with an insane combination of repetition and experimentation; repeating and refining many of the mechanics and ideas that made their previous games great, while introducing new concepts that serve the overall game.

Like I said, those mechanics head the loop. The island of Blackreef is trapped within a repetitive daily cycle-and so regardless of whether you die or survive today, you wake up again in the same place the same morning. In the single player narrative, opponent Colt Vahn’s mission is to break the loop – which can only be done by making a specific set of kills. Your targets are often fortified and protected, and so reaching them will require a cluster of knowledge that, at the start of the game, Colt does not have.

Deathloop was built around this basic thinking. You'll have intelligence leads, new weapons, and ways to kill your targets-and even though it's impossible to discuss every lead at once, Colt and his rival assassin, Juliana, are kept their knowledge between loops, while others forget. In some ways the linear way you approach – you get a lot of information throughout the day that will allow you to do something specific in the next loop. In other ways it’s more open, where you usually unlock shortcuts – a passcode on a door learned in one loop will be remembered and can be used the next, and so on.

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