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Return of PS5 reviews round, all scores

The first big PlayStation 5 exclusive of 2021 is almost here.

Returnal the new game from Resogun, Nex Machina and Alienation developer Housemarque, is coming tomorrow on PS5. Returnal is not only the first big PS5 exclusive this year, it also represents a bold new direction for its makers.

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Housemarque left the top view behind to bring hell bullet gameplay, tight controls, particle effects and third -person watch. Returnal represents a new adventure for the studio, one that is also experimenting with telling the right story in between and by running this rogue.

In Returnal, you play as a space pilot Selene, whose ship crashes on an alien planet. With each death, he is forced to relive those moments, just to witness the different variations of the same planet, with a new arrangement of rooms, new enemy variations and new buff / debuff available.

At that point, Returnal works as a traditional rogue -like: you start each run hoping to get good weapons and buffs as you traverse the game's six locations. You die and you lose all of that, except for a penny that carries between operations. At all times, you’ll find audio logs and story snippets that will help you understand what’s going on, as well as more directed narrative sequences.

If any of this intrigues you, check out our round of reviews below to see what the critics are saying.

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  • Review of VG247 – The Housemarque exclusive is about Control 4/5
  • IGN – 8
  • Gamespot – 9 [19659010] Game Informer – 9.5
  • GamesRadar + – 4/5
  • EGM – 4/5
  • Press Start – 9
  • VideoGamer – 9
  • Post Arcade – 7.5
  • Paste – 6
  • Destructoid – 7.5 [19659010] Easy Allies [Video] – 8.5
  • Gameblog [French] – 9
  • Spaziogames [Italian] – 8

The launch will launch tomorrow, April 30 on PS5.

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