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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart review – The PS5 has arrived

As I played through the opening minutes of Insomniac's exclusive PS5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart took me back to childhood. All I could think about was how I would react if someone showed me this game when I was playing on a green-screen Amstrad, playing games through a tape deck and buzzing with loading sounds. Clearly video games have come over boundaries as generations have made way for new ones, but I’ve rarely been intrigued by what my eyes see while I’m here. There is hyperbole and then there is only recognition of the inspiring work done here. Just, wow.

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This show that stops with the intro sets the story of the game and introduces the fierce mechanic mentioned in the title. Doctor Nefarious is caused by damage by a rift gun, resulting in several dimensional shenanigans, such as portals from other dimensions opening up the entire area and the newly arrived Rivet (another Lombax) is coming up with a fair few similarities to Ratchet. The newly formed duo of Lombax (although they spend a lot of games separately) should have a heavier opponent in the shape of a parallel Nefarious universe that happens to be the ruler of his galaxy and wants to empower his universe. Importantly, expect lots of planet hopping, rift jumping, and more than a few evil plans.

When you're running around as either Ratchet or newcomer Rivet, Rift Apart is essentially a 3D platformer that crosses over to a third-person shooter. As usual in the series, the combat is great, the weapons are brilliant, and moving through environments is always fun. Insomniac nailed the feel of Ratchet games many years ago, so it ' s a repetition of the winning formula that is perfectly fine in my book.

The series is known for its wide range of unique weapons, and Insomniac doesn't fail here. A truck of cool weapons of destruction can be obtained as you work through the game, using bolts to buy whatever Ms. Zurkon has in her shop and raritanium to buy upgrades. Level up each weapon as you use it, on top of the upgrades you buy through the grid system seen in previous games. This grid lets you unlock bonus upgrades if you surround yourself with locked grid tiles. This has been fine in previous games so there ' s really no need to mess with it, and by the end of the game you should have packed your arsenal.

 Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart screenshot review

One point to remember is that you share your entire inventory between Ratchet and Rivet. It doesn't matter who you control the game with (when you travel to another planet the game will let you know who you will play), you will have the same weapons for both, all upgraded to the same level There is a line about in how it makes sense in the context of jumping in size, but the main thing is that it is the right choice of design and simplifies everything.

The two lombax play very similarly, which means they handle more or less like Ratchet has in the past, although there is a new Dodge mechanic who is very good during the fight and has some more advanced and platforming. Hover boots also give you a quick way to move through often massive open areas that the game allows you to explore. The R1 initiates the boosters, and tapping the R2 gets you the fastest speed, allowing you to use the carefully placed ramps to catch some “big wind” as the child.

Insomniac is once again pleased to take you to many different, gorgeous locations – this time with some stunning dimension -changing mechanisms at play. On a basic level you can use rifts to teleport yourself to the location of an interval in your immediate playing area, kind of using a grappling hook, but the really amazing technology happens fast. race sequence as you seamlessly move from one world to another or when you hit a crystal crash to instantly change the size of the world you are in, showing two different versions. It’s amazing to see and feel so tightly woven into the story that it’s far from a gimmick.

Ratchet & Clank games are often thrown into sections played by characters other than Ratchet, and here you can solve puzzles as Clank and shoot viruses as Glitch at computer terminals. Clank levels see many, many iterations of Clank running through stages looking abstract, with the goal of helping them reach the goal by using orbs that change properties. They must be placed on pads to speed up the Clanks, weigh them, or lift them, or to give strength to level objects. Figuring out how to get the orbs at first was part of the puzzle, and while I didn’t find myself completely bankrupt on what to do, I was very scratchy at the thought many times. Shooting viruses in a spider-tank type is the weakest of the two additional gameplay offerings, but it's still better than any symbol matching mini-game hack, and the same offerings in the edge plays into the main story rather than just acting as roadblocks to expand the experience.

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As before there are plenty of collections to keep track of across different levels, side adventures to do (even if you don ' t you think you're getting well worth an RPG here), and fight challenges to complete to unlock rewards. I found myself wanting to do everything to spend as much time in this world as possible, as it was packed with neat twists on familiar characters and a handful of superb new additions. Some planets offer more enjoyment than others, in my preference to be more open outer areas in confined inner sequences, while some areas emphasize combat and fast motion puzzles and platforming. The diversity is strong here, but the quality is never disappointing.

We've had showpiece games for new consoles in the past (Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, The Bouncer on the PS2, Ryse on the Xbox One, Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4 the list goes on) but rarely offer the experience gameplay to back up sight. Insomniac has become one of the safest hand pairs in gaming, so it should ' t be a surprise to know that Rift Apart certainly isn’t just a very well -lit pony show.

It's a full fat, planet hopping, mystery-filled adventure that PS5 owners will end up with and non-owners will be angry at not being able to play, perhaps with no shortage of testing. Miles Morales and Demon ' s Souls are very good launch titles for the PS5, but we now go through the looking glasses. The bar is set. The PS5 has arrived.

Reviewed by platform: PS5 – code provided by the publisher.

  5 Stars

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