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Rainbow Six Siege cheater accused of having Ubisoft Montreal swatted

A Candian newspaper reports that a French Rainbow Six Siege player was accused of causing Ubisoft Montreal police swatt in November last year.

According to the Montreal newspaper La Presse, citing a report filed by Montreal police and a French court, Yanni Ouahioune was banned from the Rainbow Six Siege for 80 times. For the past four years, he has been harassing the studio and other Siege players.

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According to a criminal indictment in France, Ouahioune was responsible for swatting the studio twice more over the next two months (thanks, Polygon).

Speaking to the newspaper, Ouahioune denied the studio was being raided by police, but admitted that he had attempted to have another player's house.

At one point, he mimicked a Ubisoft Montreal staff in a call to Ubisoft in order to gain access to his banned account. When this scheme failed, he threatened to "scare" Ubisoft "to death," according to the indictment. He said it was to get "all the keys to R6 and […] access to commands that ban people."

However, according to the report, there were other incidents directed at Ubisoft Montreal, in which Ouahioune denied that he had a role. “[I] stopped all my bad deeds,” he said in the paper. "I never wanted my mother to fail."

The swatting call on Nov. 13 caused 400 people to evacuate Ubisoft Montreal, and reports say the caller, who spoofed a call to Montreal police, claimed there was 40 people hostage. The caller also said they would blow up the building if they did not pay more than $ 2 million.

Court documents say this was the work of Ouahioune, who denies the allegations. The next two swatting attempts, made in December and January, were resolved without incident as police conducted "more calm checks before launching a large -scale operation." He also denied being the culprit of two other false alerts.

Aside from the denials, it appears that the French citizen remains the main suspect.

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