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Outriders Legendary Weapons – How to find and cultivate the best guns

With the last release of Outriders in the wild, you now have full access to a wide range of powerful weapons in both traditional and space-age style to collect. But if you want to find the most extraordinary ordinance in Enoch, you have to lay your hands on the legendary weapon.

The legendary weapon of the Outriders is very powerful, often not only boasting a level of firepower that is sky-high, but also packing a unique ability that far exceeds the regular fare that can you see.

What's more, once you find a unique gun, you can dismantle it for parts and modify it to any other weapon in your inventory.

Some of the legendary guns are more in tune with the different play styles of each Outriders class. With that in mind, we'll show you not only where to find the legendary weapons in Outriders and how to farm it, but we'll also give you a stern look at each we've seen as well.

  • Where to find Legendary Weapons in Outriders
  • How to Farm Legendary Weapons in Outriders
  • Outriders Legendary Weapons List

Where to find Legendary Weapon in Outriders

While there are a pair of levers you can pull to maximize your Chances are, stealing legendary weapons with Outriders involves a whole lot of luck.

At some point in time, your best chance at breeding comes from farming the boxes you find hidden around the environment. But during the Outriders demo, it was found to be too open to manipulation and developer People Can Fly drastically reduced the high levels of theft on these regular chests.

Now, there are two main things to consider:

  • The type of enemy you are fighting
  • Your World Tier

Bosses and Captains

First, the regular mobs You fight throughout the levels as Outriders can almost drop loot.

However – as you may have guessed – stronger enemies have a greater chance of dropping higher level, and legendary, equipment.

This means you have the highest chance of taking a top prize when you take on mini-bosses and main story bosses.

In the early Outriders shown in the demo and beyond, these mini-bosses appear as Captains. There is one main quest, Reunion, and another will appear in the side quest at the end of the demo area: Terra Infirma.

However, as you progress, you'll find that a captain yields on almost every side adventure you can use.

Climbing against the enemy class more often will increase your chances of a legendary downfall.

The boss on the Payback mission side, Reiner, is also a technical Captain, but I haven't personally seen him fall loot.

This means that in order to maximize your changes in finding legendary items, you must complete each optional side quest you encounter .

World Tier

Second, as you progress through the Outriders, fill in the World Tier bar at the top of the screen.

When full, you'll be able to progress to the next, more difficult, World Tier, which in turn will enable many play bonuses.

Grinding in World Tier 5 – the highest available in the demo – and more when the whole game crashes, you'll be given an increased chance of wrapping up the legendary you seek as you play.

While in the early game your World Tier rise is a smooth progression, close enough things will start to get very difficult.

This is because the World Tier also acts as difficulty levels, and through World Tier 7 you will join the "Difficulty Master".

Finding the right balance between a manageable difficulty and dropping bonus opportunity is key.

How to Farm a Legendary Weapon in Outriders

So: you know to play in the highest World Tier you can, and you know you have to fight Captains and bosses – but how can you trust the sync of two things?

There are several ways – even in the Outriders demo only – you can do this to cultivate a Legendary Weapon.

Terra Infirma (or any side quest) method

The slower version is to constantly re-run the same side quest over and over.

The main one from the early game area Rift Town is called Terra Infirma. This is the side-mission that will open when you reach the end of the main Reunion mission.

Eventually you'll get to a point in Reunion where you intend to meet Jakub at the city gates, and doing so will end the demo.

If you return to Shira, he will offer an adventure where you will track down a missing fighter.

Accept, then travel quickly to the crossroads before heading left.

Jump over the gap and fight the enemies in the next area.

Proceed, then clear the first wave of enemies in this next area. Once you’ve done this, a Captain will release and you can release him for a chance at a legend.

You can replay this adventure in the demo as long as you want, so you can grind until you ' re lucky.

Like we said, you can do this on absolutely any side mission to an enemy Captain, such as No Place Like Home in the First City, or Divine Intervention in Eagle Peaks.

Reunification method

Alternatively, a faster method is to exploit a checkpoint on the main mission objectives.

As DPJ details in the video below, at an early stage in the Reunion mission, you will be asked to "carve a path to the solar tower".

After leaving the city, you will fight through a group of soldiers and clear some debris to get to the Crossroads.

Go ahead, and you'll fight another area of ​​enemies, who will eventually pick up a key to advance.

When you open the door with the key, you go around a corner to the left and a Captain will launch from behind a column to attack you.

Release him as fast as you can for your chance at the legendary theft, then let the other enemies kill you.

The checkpoint in front of the door will let you out again, and when you return to the corner, the Captain will bring you back again – giving you a new chance at glory.

Repeat this over and over and eventually you will get a Legendary.

If you've already played at this point, just go back to the main menu, click "Select Story Point" then select "Meet Jakub and Shira in his command room".

Fight bosses again

Alternatively, for a more legit technique, you can reset the story point to continue to face off against the main bosses of the story like Gauss and Molten Acari.

Outriders Legendary Weapon List

As we mentioned, the Legendary Weapon in Outriders is very powerful. So powerful in fact, that even the Legendary pistol, Torment and Agony, outperform more conventional weapons with ease.

Some of these (like the aforementioned dual pistols) have been nervous since the demo, but still worth getting.

Below are all the legendary Weapons we know feature in Outriders. Some we saw in the demo, but most were revealed by the development team, People Can Fly, on Twitter.

Outriders Legendary As Assault Rifles

Outriders Legendary As Assault Rifles
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
Voodoo Matchmaker Ultimate Damage Link The shots link up to 3 enemies, sharing 30% of regular damage and 10% of Anomaly damage
Absolute Zero Ultimate Freezing Bullets Shots drive high amount of freezing on opponents
Thunderbird Ultimate Storm Whip The shots caused a lightning strike on enemies

Outriders Legendary Pistols

Outriders Legendary Pistols
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
Torment and Agony Judgment Enforcer The shots are marks enemies and when you reload the marks enemies are dealt 3 times weapon damage

Outriders Legendary Shotguns

Outriders Legendary Shotguns
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
Golem ' s Limb Golem Rising killing shots gives you protective Golem Armor
Paxian Blessing Life Stock Reloading restores your health based on how many enemies you have defeated since the last attack you releload
Aerie Master Weightless The shots caused a Time Rift to float enemies

Outriders Legendary Sniper Rifles

Outriders Legendary Sniper Rifles
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
The Iceberg Winter Blast Critics hit detonates an icy blast that freezes opponents
Molten Eidola Ravenous Locust The shots create beggars of locusts dealing damage and vulnerability to opponents
Rarog &# 39; s Gaze Weakness Trap Shots are caused by explosions that inflict damage and weakness on enemies

Outriders Legendary LMGs and Double Guns

Outriders Legendary LMGs and Double Guns
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
Grim Marrow Singularity Killing shots creates an Anomaly bomb that deals damage to nearby enemies when destroyed
Amber Vault Killing Spree Killing shots increases damage arranged within 30 seconds, stacked up to 5 times

Outriders Legendary SMGs

Outriders Legendary SMGs
Legendary Weapon Name Legendary Ability Name Legendary Ability Effect
The Migraine Ultimate Bleeding Bullets The shots are caused a large amount of Bleed on enemies

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