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New Pokemon Snap: Requests to Park | How to complete Meganium ' s Pal and more

The New Pokemon Snap is set in the Lental region, an archipelago easily composed of diverse biomes neatly divided into its various islands.

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The starting island of the game is Florio and even if you quickly unlock other places to visit, you'll find yourself coming back here often throughout story. Not only is this the location of your Research Camp, but Florio Nature Park is the site of a number of LenTalk Requests you will need to complete to maximize your score and open up to more on the map.

  • What are LenTalk Requests?
  • LenTalk's Requests: Florio Nature Park (Day)
  • LenTalk's Requests: Florio Nature Park (Night)
  • Meganium Pal: Completing LenTalk's Request to Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot

What are LenTalk Requests?

LenTalk Requests are effective sidequests. They unlock once you experience the first course at Illumina Spot, which is the third and final stage of Florio Nature Park.

Since then, you will receive repeated notifications from other members of your research team (Professor Mirror, Rita, Todd, and Phil) asking you to capture a specific moment of activity. behavior of Pokemon in the movie. Requests are usually fairly simple to complete, but the words can be a little vague.

Although technically optional, completing LenTalk Requests is one of the best ways of improving your score. They present the best opportunities to capture four -star photos, which will give a big help to your Research Level when you review them. This in turn will open up many areas, stages, and levels of variation; and, of course, it will open up many more LenTalk Requests for new courses. And it continues.

Occasionally there will be another reward for completing LenTalk Requests, usually a cosmetic item such as a sticker for your profile or a frame to be used in your activities. photo editing. And while the requests nominally come from an NPC or other, in practice it doesn’t affect anything in their character or your relationship with them. Score is the main thing here, as well as the opportunity to expand your PhotoDex.

LenTalk Requests: Florio Nature Park (Sun)

Request Name Description Research Level How to complete Bonus Reward [19659019] Head-to-Head Competition "I saw some Bouffalant start fighting all of a sudden! I didn't expect that at all!" Level 1 or higher Shoot the two Bouffalants locking horn at the very beginning of the level. (If they can't do it independently, try playing a Melody or throwing an Illumina Orb.) n / a
Livening Up the Flowers "Sometimes Florges seem to gather natural power from in its vicinity. Have you ever considered taking a picture of this remarkable behavior? " Level 1 or higher Play a Melody when in range of the Florges and take a picture when they release of a bright green glow. n / a [19659029] Surprisingly Absolutely Good "Have you seen which Pokemon burns these fruits? I want you to try and catch the culprit in the act, if you don't mind." Level 1 or higher [19659022] When you reach the baked fruit on the ground, throw another Fluffruit in the pile. An Emolga will tie to zap it. Snap a photo while doing so. Effect 4 Sticker
Swanna-be "Did you know Ducklett can fly? They ' re pretty small, so don ' t be careful not to miss your photo op!" [19659021] Level 1 or higher Keep an eye on the lake and snap a picture when a Duckletts is in flight. n / a
Don't Be Afraid! "Comfey always runs away from me … I wonder how I can be their friend." Level 2 or higher Enable an Illumina Orb near a Crystabloom to attract a Comfey. Throw a Fluffruit and shoot Comfey eating it. n / a
Myth of the Nature Park "Hey, listen to this! There's a very special Pokemon hiding in the flower field. You should see it when it's fun – it's so beautiful!" [19659021] Level 2 or higher In the flower field, throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom closest to Florges. A Shaymin will wake up quickly in another nearby Crystabloom. Light it with another Illumina Orb and snap a picture of Shaymin's satisfying reaction. (Optional: Throw a Fluffruit at a nearby petal pile to get a Pichu to join the photo op!) n / a
Three Friends Among the Flowers "I saw Scorbunny who laughing out loud earlier! Really cute! You have to see it for yourself. " Level 2 or higher Throw a Fluffruit towards Pichu and Grookey. Wait for Scorbunny to join them and take a picture of Scorbunny laughing. n / a
Dam, Sweet Dam "Did you notice Bidoof finished building their dam? I'm sure you'll find a happy resident living inside." Level 3 Take the alternate path to the dam. Throw a Fluffruit into the dam and shoot the Bidoof to emerge to eat it. Nose Sticker
Flopping by the Water "I saw a Pidgeot jump in and kidnap a Magikarp! I was shocked, Couldn't get a picture in time …" Level 3 Photograph a Pidgeot taking a Magikarp from the lake. (If this doesn't happen automatically, try throwing the Fluffruit to scare a Pidgeot before it reaches the lake.) Eye 7 Sticker
Hide-and-Find Flowers "I heard a little Pokemon play flower field hide-and-seek game. Let me know if you find it! " Level 3 In the flower field, throw a Fluffruit or an Illumina Orb at Pichu hiding in the flowers. Snap a picture as it jumps up. n / a
Off to a Flying Startle "I tried to take pictures of Taillow midflights, but I guess I must have been surprised at them! I wish I had gotten a better shot …" Level 3 Keep an eye on the right side of the course and snap a picture of a Taillow in mid-flight. (They should startle independently when you approach.) n / a
One-Hand Freeze "Watch Grookey carefully in the nature park. Every now and then, it does something to I think you'll get a kick out. " Level 3 Picture Grookey performing a hand-hand-stand. (If this doesn ' t happen automatically, try encouraging Grookey by triggering any of your camera ' s functions within range.) Professor Mirror ' s Goggles
What's Included in Wurmple? "I looked for a second, and suddenly Taillow ran away! What happened?" Level 3 When you get to Wurmple fighting multiple Taillows, throw an Illumina Orb and shoot Wurmple's reaction. n / a

LenTalk Requests: Florio Nature Park (Evening)

Request Name Description Research Level How to complete Bonus Reward [19659019] Slept on a Calm Night "There's a Pokemon that's nowhere to be seen most of the time, but at night, it sleeps next to Torterra. See if you can find it!" Level 1 or higher Keep and watch the sleeping Torterra on the left. When you see Sylveon snooze at them, take a picture. n / a
Hard-Won Happiness "Pidgeot's cool, but it's a bit far. Think it'll warm you up for a flower or two?" Level 1 or higher [19659022] When a Pidgeot lands on the path of NEO-ONE in the flower field, quickly throw it into a Fluffruit. Get a closer look while enjoying the feast. n / a
Hoothoot's Hidden Foot "Have you seen Hoothoot's other foot? You should try to take a picture of it!" Level 1 or higher Throw a Fluffruit at a Hoothoot and shoot its other foot as it tries to regain its balance. Design 13 Frames
Munching Murkrow "In the comfort and safety of its own territory, even the most fearsome Pokemon will let its vigilance to eat a delicious flower." Level 1 or higher Throw a Fluffruit at Murkrow hanging to the right of the path. Photograph one of them eating fruit. n / a
A Horrible Yawn "I wonder what it looks like when Torterra yells … Aren't you interested to know too?" Level 1 or higher Throw a Fluffruit at a sleeping Torterra and snap a picture while it yawns. n / a
Best Frenemies "There's a Pokemon that Pinsir talks to often, but the two are really good friends." Level 2 or higher Use your Melody on the measurable mound of earth to awaken the Pinsir. Later on stage, you see Pinsir having a friendly fight with Heracross. Take a picture. (Optional: Wake up Sylveon with Illumina Orbs and the Melody and it will try to break the battle!) n / a
Dancing with the Queen "Combee is very much dedicated to Vespiquen. If you observe them up close, you'll see that this Pokemon doesn't just make nectar! " Level 2 or higher Use an Illumina Orb on the first Crystabloom you pass in the flower field. Wait for a Vespiquen to start dancing with the Combee and take pictures. n / a
For Whose Sake? "Do you know what motivates Combee to work hard? You can find out if you search this area carefully." Level 2 or higher Use an Illumina Orb in the first Crystabloom you pass the flower plant. Wait for a Vespiquen to appear and photograph him. n / a
Sudden Movement "I saw Tangrowth suddenly move in the most amazing way! I was too slow to get a good picture of it, though … Mind try it? " Level 2 or higher Scare Tangrowth with one of your camera functions and take a picture while in mid-air. 5 Frame Design
Where It Snacks and Snooze "There's a Pokemon sleeping in this area. Perhas will show itself if there's another Pokemon nearby …" Level 2 or higher Use your Melody on the measurable mountain of earth to wake up Pinsir. This will cause Heracross to fall into a nearby tree. Take a picture anytime after the crash. n / a
Where's That Pokemon? "The professor said there's a Pokemon hiding somewhere here! Do you think you can find it?" Level 2 or higher When you see Hoothoot sitting on the sign, trigger your camera's Melody. Photograph the Caterpie that pops up to inspect the sound. n / a
Who Needs Wings? "Hey! I heard Dodrio flying! I've never seen him do that before. Do you have any?" Level 2 or higher Scare a Dodrio with one of your camera functions and snap a picture while jumping in the air and trying to break free. Rita Profile Icon
Art in Flight "Have you ever seen a flock of Swanna fly? You should really try to take a picture of the stunning scenery!" Level 3 As you approach the lake, interrupt the landing Swanna with any of your camera functions before it falls asleep. Photograph the flock as they fly. n / a

Meganium ' s Pal: Completing the LenTalk Request at Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot

There was a special LenTalk Request at Florio Nature Park that did not occur on any of the regular stage version. Instead, you need to go to Illumina Spot in Research Level 2 or higher to complete it.

The text of the request reads as follows:

"When Meganium gets to this place, it starts to look a bit uneasy. Do you think it's looking for one of its friends ? ”

Until the end of the stage, you have to pay attention to a large tree that Meganium enjoys.Throw the Fluffruit on the tree so Meganium doesn ' t hit it. [19659010] A Hoothoot will fall from the tree and onto the Meganium. Snap a photo of them together to complete the request.

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