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Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marked Spot adventure guide

The Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot adventure is different from most other content in the game and somewhat confusing due to the size of the world.

You are tasked with finding a man lost treasure, an act that will take you to the first four regions followed by vague clues. And you have to follow them. You can't complete anything in this quest incorrectly, because the next clues and the treasure are just nothing.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot quest

You ' the search has probably already begun if you are reading this guide. If not, head to Loloska and talk to the man sitting on a bench to start the adventure. It’s worth your time because you’ll find some great rewards once everything wraps up.

However, don't plan on ending the adventure once you start it.

Monster Stories Stories 2 X Mark the Spot first clue

The first clue will point you back to Alcala and to the Sailor's Beach Catavan stand. Head south from the stand and follow the curve of the beach until you see a sparkling area.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot second clue

You return to Hakolo Island and find the next waterfall. Fortunately, it's easy to find. Follow the path east of Catavan that stands by the pool, and you will find a sparkling spot to the right of the waterfall.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Mark the third clue

You will not access the third clue until you progress through the adventures in the Lamure region. Travel to the Monster Research Lab Catavan stand, and set the time at night. Venture to the south side of the oasis. The treasure is in a little rocky outside.

Go back to Loloska and give the treasure. As a reward, you get:

  • 10 Bottle Caps (here where you can also get more Bottle Caps)
  • 3 Golden Chunks
  • 5000 zenny
  • 110 experience points [19659018] As you travel around, watch out for some of the game's rare monsters and pick up some extra eggs for gene farming while you're here.

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