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Like many games that are delayed, we should just embrace 2021 as the backlog year

It is fair to say now that the video game industry is in the throes of a second pandemic squeeze. The first came last year, and it came for our events. E3, Gamescom – one by one, they fell. But the games themselves remained an exciting place. Games will appear, and people will be stuck at home with more time to play them. Some titles like Animal Crossing still benefit from real world events, being released at the perfect time to be a perfect bait.

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But now we're on a new wave, I guess. Not just of the virus, but of its effects on video games. At this time last year, games completed when the pandemic took hold could still be shipped. Now, game studios are being forced to make heavy delays to make up for the loss of in-studio development time. Some homes in development are not ready for working at home.

So they fall like dominoes. Sometimes games are pushed, but until within this calendar year, such as Back 4 Blood, Humankind, and Deathloop’s announcement yesterday’s delay. Other titles have been bumped out by 2021 in full, such as Gran Turismo 7, Gotham Knights, and Hogwarts Legacy. Beyond what’s in public, to be honest with you the off-the-record grape is a constant echo of internal delays and back-to-back milestones for games that have both been announced and not yet. revealed.

We are only in April, but the list of delays has not yet been made. Even if the situation for developers returns to fairly normal in the summer, it seems pretty reasonable to think that many games recorded for this holiday season, announced and otherwise, won’t make that space.

Watch on YouTube [19659003] It's hard to look at the calendar today and imagine that 2021 will go down in the history books as a banner year for video games. In fact, maybe despite the launch of consoles in 2020, we don’t really get the real starting pistol for the next gen – a flood of valid, thoughtful next generation games – until 2022.

I in conclusion I'm okay with this, though. A quieter year gives smaller games or broken gems a chance to shine. I will definitely be playing Outriders, a game I probably would have skipped unless I intended to check it out. I tried A-Train, a game so I don ' t want to expand it on my wishlist. I didn’t just end Bravely Default 2 with a crazy review crunch, I really enjoyed the experience, discussing most of the content on the side and post-game. I pumped 81 hours into Evil Genius 2. All of this without looking at the gun of massive game after massive game. I realize this is undoubtedly affected by being in this job – the pressure is on us to always be up to date with the latest stuff – but the breath offered in the games that come out has certainly taken the most popular side killing the delay. .

Then there are the backlog boon. With the cogs of the usual release calendar gummed-up with pandemic delays and social alienation, I find more time to go back to the games I’ve always wanted, or to the opportunities I’ve always wanted to fall in love with. Although I already own them on other platforms, I ended up with a play-through of Final Fantasy 8 and started another with the original Final Fantasy 7 when they entered Game Pass-which, by way, is an absolutely surprising in the current situation. I went back to my friends ’custom Minecraft server. I went back to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which I last played before the PS5 launched, to smooth out some easy trophies. And, most importantly, I’m really trying to be good again in Street Fighter 5.

To be honest, I find real joy in it. For anyone who wants to keep up with the latest video games, the backlog is an ever -present, ever -expanding white elephant. So while I ' ve failed to see the games I ' ve expected to be delayed (Sega ' s ' Assassin ' s Human Civilization probably cut me the deepest), I ' m also excited to have more room to dig into my backlog.

So, you know Delays are rubbish, but it's easy enough to get past it. I hope everything that isn’t Call of Duty or FIFA doesn’t disappear in the second half of the year. That Halo Infinite delay was sure to suck last year, but I’m pretty excited now – it gives me a new hope, and the game is going to be even better for it. But for now, I’m happy to embrace 2021 as my backlog year.

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