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Halo Infinite was completely sold to me on the Xbox Elite Controller

Until last month, I actually thought the Xbox Elite Controller was overrated. I thought it was a silly little new thing that, ultimately, is for people who want to splash money and have something flashy. How wrong I was.

I couldn ' t even keep my ' series 1 ' Xbox Elite Controller. I used it for a while, but eventually I found out I didn’t use the additions and fixes that made the peripheral special. I gave it away after a few months of not using it. The paddles are cool, but previously easy to fall behind the controller. The upgraded triggers are nice, but nothing can be written about the house, even in the games I was actively playing at the time.

Although I ' ve never clicked on Elite Controller, I ' m also a mug with a lot of nostalgia for the golden age of the Halo series, especially the fever-pitch hype around Halo 3. So when the Xbox has announced a limited edition Halo Infinite themed Elite controller … I ordered it. Even though I punched in my credit card details, I felt like an idiot – I already had one of these controllers and I removed it, so why would I buy another one? Now I'm playing with it, though – I'm glad I did it./p>

Perhaps this is due to Halo Infinite itself. This is probably due to improvements made to the ' series 2 ' of the Elite controller, which is supposedly improved in every way than the original. Honestly, I feel like it’s a mixture of the two. The result was the same, however: this controller now works for me and has become my primary controller on both the Xbox and PC.

The back paddles no longer fall off if your fingers brush them the wrong way. It has more accessories to swap out to customize your experience. It now has a 40-hour internal battery instead of using the bad old double-As. It even has new features like thumbstick tension control and additional stage trigger lock. So, yes, Series 2 is better in every way.

But also: if any game seems to be designed for this controller – or rather, if this controller seems to be designed for any game – it's Halo. When I had the last Elite controller, it was on an ' off ' I period with Halo, but now that I’m on the neck of an Infinite obsession, I really see the value of a controller like this, especially with the configurable rear. paddle buttons, where you can now jump or reload without taking the thumb of the sticks.

I was leaning towards other competitive shooters in my first Elite, but none of them felt as fun with it as of what Infinite does in one. Using paddles became such a reflex that when I sat down with another controller to play some multiplayer the other day, I was immediately worse off. Elite has become my new default.

So, here I am, putting my mea culpa into writing. I’ve broken Elite Controller in the past, calling it a waste of money based on my sometimes-frustrating, unchanging experience on its first iteration. But in its second form, I got it. I rode, despite the cost. Did it really make me better at Halo? I'm not sure. But it definitely feels better in the hands.

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