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Finding Warframe Waverider: How to make Frontline Clutch and get Yareli parts

The Waverider quest in Warframe is an optional mission that you can miss, but you certainly don't want to let this one get past you.

Completing the Waverider quest involves gaining a better understanding of the Vent Kids, but more importantly, the Yareli Warframe blueprint also earns you.

However, you'll need to brush up your K-Rider skills and complete many quests to get the blueprint of Yareli, and before that can start making parts of Yareli's Warframe. Here's everything you need to know about how to get Yareli in Warframe.

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Warframe Waverider quest

You ' ll need K-Rider to start the Waverider quest, so if you don ' t finish the quest on Thursday , go ahead and do that. You will receive a call from Roky once you have Waverider. Follow Vent Kids' hiding adventure, and you'll eventually be given the task of completing a book of adventures to unlock the Yareli comics.

Each page of the book has a set of Waverider challenges to complete during one of Vent Kid's races. Most of them are fairly easy, though some may take more than one attempt.

Warframe Waverider quest page 1

The first page is essentially a tutorial for how to do tricks.

  • Earn 2000 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Copter x 5
  • 50 Point Grindy
  • Kill 5 enemies with a Second Weapon while riding a K-Drive [19659011] Make 5 5x Combos

Warframe Waverider quest page 2 – Frontside Clutch

Things are a bit difficult on page two.

  • Earn 2400 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Frontside Rollout x 3
  • 50 Point Frontside Clutch x 5
  • Take 5 headshot kills with a Secondary weapon, while riding a K-Drive
  • Earn 500 points on a K-drive chain trick

You are asked to complete five Frontside Clutch movements, which require great timing and a specific layout. The Frontside Clutch is a mid-air switch that you can use the left mouse button right direction input to turn off (or the corresponding inputs on your PS4 or Xbox controller) To count on this challenge, you need to release the clutch, meaning finish the move, before your circle reaches the ground again.

The best place to make the Frontside Clutch move is a flat area with no barriers nearby. You should be able to loop around a wide circle to stay in that area, then continue to pull the clutch until you get five under your belt.

Warframe Waverider quest page 3

  • Earn 3000 The Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Nose Planket x 5
  • 50 Point Backside Skyrocker x 5 [19659011] 5 Slam Shockwave Kills
  • Earn 1000 points on a K-drive trick chain

The Warframe shockwave kill currently has a very small working hitbox. If you don’t land directly on the enemy, you’ll likely deal a minimal amount of damage.

Warframe Waverider quest page 4

  • Earn 3400 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Backside Clutch x 5
  • 50 Tail Clutch Planker x 5
  • Take five seconds of air to a K-Drive
  • Earn 1500 points on a K-drive trick chain

The best way to get five seconds of wind on The K-Drive is to go to the south side of the map. Between Transit Depot and Spaceport is a chunk of rock exposed on the surface of Orb Vallis, and if you accelerate and charge your jump before flying over the edge, you should get the required five seconds.

Warframe Waverider adventure page 5

Page five is challenging, but there is nothing particularly remarkable about the requirements here.

  • Earn 3600 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Tail Spinja x 5
  • Earn 2000 Points in a K-Drive trick chain
  • Keep alive a K-Drive trick chain Drive for 20 seconds
  • Make 5 10x combos

Warframe components Yareli

Completing the Waverider quest unlocks Yareli's plan – but, as before, that's just the beginning. You will also need to get the blueprints of the Yareli part, obtained in a different way.

Building Warframe Bash Lab

Go to Clan Dojo and find the Bash Lab. Select and build it, when you have the necessary materials. For smaller clans, the main cost is:

  • 1000 Credits
  • 450 Ferrite
  • 250 Circuits
  • 100 Thermal Sludge
  • 1 Forma

It multiplies as before the larger number. [19659008] All parts of the Yareli Warframe

Head to the back of the Bash Lab and contact the machine there to start researching the parts of the Yareli. You can research Yareli Chassis, Yareli Neuroptics, and Yareli Systems simultaneously, but it will take 24 hours to finish.

When all is done, you can also purchase blueprints of Yareli parts.

Yareli Chassis

  • 10,000 Credits
  • 1 Mutagen Mass
  • 1 Morphics
  • 500 Polymer Bundle
  • 1,000 Salvage

Yareli Neuroptics 19659010] 10,000 Credits

  • 1 Detonite Injector
  • 1 Neurodes
  • 500 Rubedo
  • 1,000 Alloy Plate
  • Yareli Systems

    • 10,000 Credits
    • 1 Fieldron
    • 1 Gallium
    • 500 Circuits [19659011] 1,000 Nano Spores

    Yareli's look is nice, but if you need something else to shape your Warframe look, check out our list of codes for Glyphs.

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