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Dark Souls at 10: review in a masterclass in world design

How do you approach the legacy of Dark Souls? You can focus on so many aspects of its design that have propelled FromSoftware as one of the titans of gaming: the amazing boss battles, the rich talent, the fantastic combat. However, it’s worth checking out something special about Hidetaka Miyazaki’s masterpiece that still stands out from the games that follow it: the world itself. Lordran. A huge debt is no doubt owed to the leading Demon Souls, but Dark Souls landed something great in 2011, making a timeless and complex world that, for all its fears , feels as comfortable and familiar to me as a pair of obscene socks. Thus, perhaps a slightly stained pair of sock socks.

Dark Souls does not offer you complete freedom, capturing the open adventuring popularized by Metroid and Castlevania, allowing you to carve your own path through a thick woven web of level. However, it lets you get well, not get lost, like an armored pigeon pigeon caught in a storm.

Pass to Blighttown. Or rather don’t: I’m sure just reading those dreaded words will send to the backbone of anyone familiar with the most popular level of Dark Souls. This town is built on the walls of a gigantic, poisoned cave, where you crawl along treacherous paths while blowdart snipers fire, fire-breathing dogs and attack swellers. that mosquitos – which of course vomit poisonous poison. Add on top of this the horrible game performance on the Xbox 360, which sends the frame rate crashing into a slideshow, and it’s tough enough to get through Blighttown even with the restorative items and equipment. protection that players can get before long.

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