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Classes of Outriders | What is the best class for beginners and solo players?

With the full version of Outriders available, it's time to commit to choosing a class.

But whether you're starting your adventure with Enoch solo or with a multiplayer team, choosing the best class of in Outriders for your playstyle will shape your experience for the better. [19659002] Although there are 4 unique classes to choose from-due to the number of busy, flashy on-screen capabilities-Outriders only support 3-player co-op, making it very important that you round out the rough edge of your squad.

Across the hands -on preview events, the free demo, and now the full game, we played through a large scale of Outriders in each class – who handle their quirks, strengths and nuances.

Here's what we got about the best classes to start so far. However, we will update this page as more than one meta comes out, and as end-game strategies become clearer.

  • Best Class of Outriders – Which should you choose?
  • Best Outriders Classes for solo players
  • Best Outrider classes for co -op players

Best Outrider Classes – Which should you choose?

The Outriders experience differs based on whether you plan to play your class solo or on a team.

The Outriders campaign is apparently close to 40 hours long, and with 15 uber-hard end-game missions to keep up with as well, you'll want to make the right choice.

Best Classes of Outriders for solo players

Personally, I feel like Trickster and Devastator are best suited to solo play.

Devastator is the tank class in Outriders, and although they aren't the most unlikely, their ability to survive means you can stay alive in all but the busiest situations. It only becomes more relevant as your World Tiers become tighter, and you make it harder to find the stolen theft.

Uses rock armor, barriers, and area-of-effect earthquakes to force enemies into an easily manageable zone rather than let them overwhelm you, playing while the Devastator feels solid , and the most similar to a traditional 3rd person shooter experience.

On the other hand, the Trickster relies on their incredibly strong offensive and defensive abilities to quickly defeat enemies with more mobility than the other classes.

Teamed with a Life Leech weapon to regain their massive recovery, you can survive surprisingly as well as a solo Trickster, roaming the battlefield using your warp skills to make full use of shotguns and your Anomaly-swipe sword swipe.

While your ability to slow down time can be used effectively to trap enemies around you in a pit pit as you systematically release them, it can also be used as a defensive shield to catch bullets as you cover, reload, and recharge. [19659002] Past the demo areas, you start to engage enemies in wider areas. It only serves to make Trickster’s mobility more effective as you increase your skills with mods that boost the shield to also make yourself tankier.

There is also solo potential with Technomancer thanks to their area-of-impact heavy offensive skills and ability to augment their agro-forming turrets with a variety of type of damage to elemental status.

And when it says all your damaged damage restores your health, it means all damage. Slapping an LMG or AR into your main weapon space gives you a solid amount of ability to survive at any distance.

However, as Outriders tell you, this class is designed for support and you may find many of their game skills later on to be less useful as a solo player.

What's more, some of the Technomancer mods are specifically geared towards restoring health to your allies and other buffs. This means you will lose some of the power of your equipment if you only use Technomancer solo.

But with that said, you can always invest your skill points in passive buff damage and replace obsolete mods to focus on being a lone wolf.

Best Outriders classes for co -op players

The above is not to say that Pyromancer is a bad class – when you're just playing yourself, they can feel and squishy. Having a constant line up ability kills as you beat the whole battlefield is tough and you can feel overrun.

However, as part of a team, the Pyromancer is a thrilling and charming member, freely throwing status-causing and debilitating abilities at a wide range of enemies. So in that case they are worth a try.

The defensive abilities of Devastator also make them a strong member of a team, where they can draw aggregation of enemies and take them out as they get tired of supporting the fire of others.

Similar can be said about Trickster who can protect their teammates in their squad in time. However, having a Trickster without a Devastator can leave you exposed when they want to unload and reload.

Then, as we mentioned before, the Technomancer was designed as a specific support class and suited a player who desires a less energetic role on the battlefield.

They're the only class that can heal their squadmates, and therefore should fill a gap on any co -op team – no questions asked.

This means you should look to form different groups of different classes, using the long -term Technomancer, and then any two of the other three classes .

That could be a Technomancer, a medium-range Pyromancer, and a close range Devastator. Or a Technomancer who takes care of two closely covered damage dealers, ie. a Devastator and a Trickster.

For more on how Outriders came to be, we have an interview with development studio People Can Fly, here.

While we also figured out how to beat one of the tougher bosses in the demo of Outriders: Reiner.

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