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Chivalry 2 is the online multiplayer brawler I didn't know I needed

Having more or less given up on online shooters, it seems like all I need is a sword and some horrible one-liners to bring me back.

Let's get something in the way. I'm not good at online games. In any kind, really. Whether it’s Call of Duty, FIFA, or Mario Kart, I lose and I lose badly. In fact, the only time in my entire life that I remember being good at an online game was for a short time when Football Manager Online existed and life was better. Oh, the good old days. But I deviated.

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The point is, I've lost love with online games, and shooters in particular. While I played a lot of Halo 2 back in the day, I now find myself in a sad ailment if I try to check out the latest trends. Chivalry 2 is not like this. I played it and – wait for it – had fun.

While Chivalry 2 is not a shooter (although there are weapon ranges), it is a game where you thrust people in the head with a scary weapon or stab them with a spikey weapon, or swing at them with a spikey weapon. You can play with up to 64 total players, either on the two large teams that go here, or in free-for-all arenas where everyone looks out for themselves. That's the game. And it's great.

I love how simple and chaotic things are in Chivalry 2. In a game like Battlefield I spend ages getting into the action hub only to get down down before I have a moment to see a single enemy, my faint eyes that manage to be slower than my ancient hands. Here you are automatically pushed towards where things are happening, and then you just lead whoever is in front of you, block a bit, dodge, and have a very good time. Sometimes you cut someone, sometimes someone cuts you. Everyone is happy.

 Chivalry 2

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are people playing Chivalry 2 and taking it seriously. To them I expect my flailing, hopping, and excessive use of the battlecry button (actually, some of the things you can say here are AWESOME!) Show a huge amount of disrespect to the medieval battle game this. There is depth to it, sure – so I couldn ' t complete the tutorial without consulting a video guide to see what I was doing wrong – but the great thing about this game is you don ' t care

To explain the game a little more, other than to say you repeatedly try to stab people, matches take place on large maps and switch between goals. You can start by trying to stop the forward march of a few batter rams (the machines, not some particularly large blocks), then move on to defending the gold coins, or stop the incoming army from entering a gate. It’s all easy to follow and you really feel like you’re giving in to the current task – something I felt disconnected from the times in modern shooters.

An XP system next to the ability to buy new items is the carrots on the stick to keep you coming out and get a sense of reward for your clash, but honestly I don't need those to keep playing. The basic gameplay mechanics are just a click away, and I’ve never played a battle-focused multiplayer game that feels welcome to new players. Chivalry 2 may look like a virtual recreation of a hardcore LARPing group, but that’s exactly why I enjoy it so much.

If Chivalry 2 isn't your thing (it can be violent, to be fair) you may prefer to check out the best Roblox games or head to our video game release dates page to see what more to come this year and more.

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