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CD Projekt Red will work on many AAA games starting in 2022, future marketing campaigns will be shorter

CD Projekt has released an update to its Group strategy for the coming years, beginning with a change in how it buys games.

According to the studio, it will have a shorter marketing phase with promotional content released close to the actual release of a given game – similar to how Bethesda works. In other words, it won’t share as much information before the release of a game as it used to.

CD Projekt RED also plans to showcase its operation on all supported hardware platforms and "rethink its strategy" in announcing new projects. Each year the company will publish a new roadmap, detailing plans for the coming quarters.

In the company notice, CDP also said that starting in 2022 it will work on multiple triple-A games and expansion in parallel. CD Projekt’s Board of Management also announced further brand development and expansion of expertise in the field of online gaming.

"While we remain as ambitious as ever, we also know the areas that demand improvement. Our new Strategic Development Framework will allow us to optimize intragroup processes-especially with regard to development of videogames-and will ensure the Group’s further dynamic growth, ”said Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Projekt.

Studio's REDengine technology will be improved and centralized as well as reorganizing the Studio as a set of "interdisciplinary agile teams" will change the way games are developed, making the strategy more proactive.

"We want to make sure we can work with two global brands at the same time while ensuring the top quality of our products," said Pawel Zawodny, CTO and head of production. "We emphasize technological advances and we want to set up versatile teams that combine different specializations and capabilities. These teams will be greatly assisted by a cross-project. group of experts, who – because of their expertise – can contribute to key aspects of development.All of these changes aim to enable us to work on multiple games and AAA expansions alike, starting with 2022. ”

The next aspect of CD PROJEKT Group’s strategic growth involves further expanding its franchises.

"Single- RPG players have been, are, and remain our priority. However, we also see the huge potential of both The Witcher and Cyberpunk, and we want to expand their reach to include new areas, media , and type of content. Our goal is to deliver a richer supply of entertainment, introducing new target groups to our characters and imaginary world, "said Michal Nowakowski, business development SVP and Board Member of CD Projekt.

The final "building block" of the new Strategic Development Framework involves expanding the ability to "enrich studio products with online features."

CD Projekt RED plans to develop online technologies that can be embedded in future development processes. This technology will “enable online features” which the studio will gradually release for games. It will also test the growth of online communities – based on the GOG Galaxy platform.

CD Projekt has redoubled its efforts to secure a sustainable and caring work environment.

"For many years we have emphasized our belief that our greatest asset is our team. CD Projekt will remain an inclusive and diverse workplace; however, we also want to emphasize well-being of our employees and give them professional and personal development opportunities, ”said Adam Badowski, head of the studio, and board member.

In order to coordinate the parallel development of multiple projects, the studio plans to add to its talent pool and continue to grow organically while developing partnerships with "proven outside partners."

Today, CDP announced the acquisition of the Digital Scapes studio, which has worked closely with CDP for the last three years on Cyberpunk 2077.

The acquired studio is made up of former BioWare developers, Radical Entertainment, and Relic who has worked on titles such as Dying Light, Company of Heroes, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Prototype, and more.

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