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Pokemon Legends: Review by Arceus – the best Pokemon in 20 years

At the turn of the millennium, I had a dream. The Nintendo GameCube is about to be released, and I’m totally Pokemon obsessed. Pokemon RBY and GSC remain some of my favorite games of all time – but I’m also a fan of Final Fantasy. I spent both years impressed with the size and spectacle of the PS1’s Japanese RPG catalog, and as a Pokemon fan I couldn’t help but wonder: what if Pokemon looked like this? I play that GameCube tech demo on 56k internet over and over and while Zelda bit is my favorite, a brief glance at Pokemon dancing quickened my mind. What if Pokemon was 3D, and as ambitious in scope as any other world-shaking console JRPG?

That dream was never really fulfilled, of course. While I fully see the quality in the next generations, I think it’s fair to say that Pokemon is stopping. It … Read more