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The Bayonetta voice actress may not return for Bayonetta 3

The voice actor for Bayonetta made a tweet suggesting that he would not give voice to the flamboyant protagonist in the future. In response to a tweet praising actress Hellena Taylor's performance in the games and saying they couldn't imagine the character without her voice, she responded: "So you might need to."

it may indicate that Hellena will not announce Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3 which would be a shame and surprising given how many of the cast makers work her voice. However, it is a touch in advance to sound the alarm too loud. After all, it could also mean he’s done after Bayonetta 3 was released and there are no more games beyond the third.

It is difficult to extrapolate exactly what everyone means, though, without some sort of clarification.

You can't blame people who are confused. Since the game was announced, we haven’t seen anything more than initial … Read more