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Xbox and Bethesda should never have dated Starfield 17 months from release

Bethesda and Xbox have announced that Starfield
, the hugely hyped open-world RPG from the team behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, is going to miss its much-publicized 11.11.22 release date. In fact, it’ll now release at some point during the first half of 2023. Having been hyping up this date since June 2021, this delay is more than a little bit surprising. And dare I say it, a legitimate reason for people to be annoyed.

It’s not that we haven’t become accustomed to seeing images posted on official publisher social media accounts detailing delays. When Covid hit and workforces sensibly moved to remote working, we saw tens of them – company logo, clear font, apology, the right thing to do, etc. Games getting delayed is nothing new, and I think people now expect things to move around the release schedule. The key point with Starfield is how far … Read more