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Like many games that are delayed, we should just embrace 2021 as the backlog year

It is fair to say now that the video game industry is in the throes of a second pandemic squeeze. The first came last year, and it came for our events. E3, Gamescom – one by one, they fell. But the games themselves remained an exciting place. Games will appear, and people will be stuck at home with more time to play them. Some titles like Animal Crossing still benefit from real world events, being released at the perfect time to be a perfect bait.

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But now we're on a new wave, I guess. Not just of the virus, but of its effects on video games. At this time last year, games completed when the pandemic took hold could still be shipped. Now, game studios are being forced to make heavy delays to make up for the loss of in-studio development time. Some homes in development are … Read more