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Before Your Eyes dev creates a fake game to give a point about Steam refunds

The developer of Before Your Eyes was made dirty by one of its players, and he thinks there is a point to be made.

Before Your Eyes is an interesting storytelling adventure game with a unique mechanic. The player controls what happens simply by blinking their eyes, which translates into the game via a webcam.

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The debut game from Goodbyeworld Games came out last week, and was well received by Steam gamers – Currently boasting an ' Overwhelmingly Positive ' rating based on over 500 reviews. Unfortunately, since this was a brief experience, it fell victim to Steam’s refund policy.

Bela Messex, the game's leading designer, took to Twitter to highlight a particular review on Steam in which the player in question praised the game and rated it positive, only to be disclosed in the review text they ended up returning it because they took an hour and a half to see everything.

"Yep we made a short game," Messex wrote in a failed Tweet. "I think there should be more short games. I don't think short games should be brought back for delivering an amazing experience."

Travis, the player behind the questioning talked about, felt bad after reading the Tweet and apologized to Messex . Travis has since updated their review, and promised to return the game.

"I sincerely apologize for the abuse of what is clearly a broken system," they wrote in a follow-up Tweet .

The system in question is, of course, Steam's refund policy. Often hailed as one of the best in the digital marketplace, Steam ' s automatic refund policy allows players to return any game within two weeks of purchase, as long as their playing time is up. not to exceed two hours.

Unfortunately, the developers of short games and small experience are most hurt by this flat two-hour provision, as many of their games can be completed in under two hours, making it worthy of their players for refunds despite actually finishing and enjoying their games. The Epic Games Store uses a similar policy, as Microsoft does with the Xbox.

This experience inspired Messex to ease the situation by creating a game designed to be irreversible. The game was called Refund This Game, which he wanted to sell for $ 100 on Steam.

Refund This Game will show the player a timer that counts up to two hours. If a player is able to quit in the last five seconds, they get an achievement. If they fail, it can put up two hours of playing time, thus making it harder for them to get an automatic refund.

It's important to note that Valve provides refunds in many other cases beyond two hours playing time. That requirement is only there for automatic refunds, which do not require the intervention of a Valve staff.

And from the looks of it, Messex has already submitted a Refund This Game for approval. Valve, however, tries to prevent troll games and those that only exist for unlocking achievements, so the game may not see the release on the platform. Nor does it exactly help the company’s image allow this.

However, Before Your Eyes is worth checking out on Steam.

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