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First Starfield Footage Shows Off Massive Scale With Over 1,000 Planets And Ability To Build Your Own Spaceships

After years of CG trailers for Starfield, we’ve long been waiting to see this Bethesda Game Studios title in action, and that finally happened at today’s Xbox Games Showcase. The initial reaction can simply be summarized as “WOW!”

In a variety of gameplay clips, creator Todd Howard walked us through various gameplay aspects, revealing that this science-fiction RPG features over 1,000 planets to explore. From barren moons to heavily populated worlds, you can go where you want to see what you discover.

The first locale we see is a moon called Kreet, which is stark in detail with rocky grain terrains and brief flares of color with red plants. In this regard, the color scheme is similar to Star Wars’ Crait from The Last Jedi. Here, we are given our first taste of gameplay, which we see from both first- and third-person viewpoints. Despite looking like a barren place, … Read more