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Six Games To Watch From The Future Of Play Direct

Glitch’s Future of Play Direct is back for its third year, providing plenty of first looks,  premieres, and launch announcements for a bevy of games. The direct, hosted by V-tuber A.I. broadcaster Melios, showcased new trailers featuring a glut of different genres and unique premises. Here’s what stood out for us. 

Boyfriend Dungeon: Secret Weapons 

This dungeon crawler and dating sim hybrid officially launched last year and came with the promise of a free update complete with a new dungeon and love interests. Well, we’re finally getting a look at it. The new trailer introduced us to Hammer Laleh, who has a special ability called “the death spiral.” Axe Johan, who we briefly met in the main game, is also returning to capture our hearts. Unsurprisingly, his special dungeon ability is “the swing.” We also met a dateable villain: the whip-wielding Dr. Holmes, who looks as scary as she sounds. … Read more