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Making Disc Room for Everyone – Available Now on Game Pass

Exploring a sprawling intergalactic slaughterhouse might sound a little intimidating, but with Disc Room we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the deal: a giant disc has mysteriously appeared in orbit of Jupiter, and you’re the brave scientist who has to figure out exactly what’s going on inside it. Unfortunately (for you) the giant disc is filled with rooms, and those rooms are filled with deadly discs. But in Disc Room, what kills you only makes you stronger.

Death opens new doors, literally. That’s how you unlock new rooms (each tied to a goal as simple as “survive 10 seconds” and as morbid as “die from 12 different disc types”), and it’s how you unlock new abilities. Ultimately death is how you progress, make scientific discoveries, and get to the bottom of this cutting edge cosmic mystery.

Prepare yourself to smash restart over and over again just so you can finally … Read more