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Release Your Pac-Passion Today in Pac-Man Museum+ with Xbox Game Pass

Visiting arcades as an ‘80s and ‘90s kid was so much fun. From 6-player beat ‘em ups to racing games, and every style in-between. Of course, my good friend Pac-Man was always there to quench my thirst for maze-running action. Arcades were, and still are, a place where you can discover something so incredibly fun and vividly designed that you won’t want to miss a pixel of the action. This is exactly what happened when I first discovered Pac-Mania in 1987.

My grandpa would sometimes take me to this arcade shaped like a castle and give me a few quarters so I could seek out Pac-Man or Super Pac-Man. But on one visit I discovered something different: Pac-Mania. With isometric 3D graphics, catchy music, and the idea that Pac-Man could now jump over the Ghosts – my mind was blown. I spent almost all my quarters on Pac-ManiaRead more