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Take a Deep Dive into the Seasonal Storyline of Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves

This week, Halo Infinite Lone Wolves – Season 2 launched for fans across Xbox, PC and with Xbox Game Pass, and today we’re excited to dive a little deeper into what you can expect from the seasonal storyline in “Lone Wolves.”

“Lone Wolves” is the start of an engaging, multi-season storyline that puts your personal Spartan in the thick of the unfolding action. Season 2 begins with two battle-scarred Spartans arriving at the Avery J Johnson training facility bearing a dangerous prize … and vital information about Banished plans. As Season 2 progresses, you will unlock the next chapter of your Spartan’s story.

Not every Spartan operation benefits from more Mjolnir-shod boots on the ground. Headhunter assassinations, deep reconnaissance, information sanitization, and “off the books” black ops require Spartans with a very particular set of skills and minimal signature in the conflict zone. The recent conflicts have also introduced a … Read more