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Where's Our Windjammers 2 Review?

Windjammers 2 launched today, giving ‘90s arcade fans or those who discovered the game via the 2018 remaster a new arena to lob discs at each other. My review is currently in progress, but since the online mode didn’t go live until today, I’ll need time to test that out in a live environment before giving my complete assessment. In the meantime, here are my impressions so far. 

The good news: playing Windjammers is still very fun. For those unfamiliar, two players face off in what’s essentially a hybrid of tennis and air hockey. You try to toss the disc past your opponent to score in their goal, but you can also earn points if the disc touches their court. The game sports a fighting game caliber of depth thanks to many variations of disc throws. The best matches are fast-paced, back-and-forth exchanges of flashy trick shots and ricocheting discs … Read more