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Magic Arena's Abrupt Shifts This Year Have Been Frustrating

With Magic: The Gathering Arena being my primary way to play my favorite trading card game, especially over the pandemic, I’m of two minds about Wizards of the Coast diverging the card pools of the paper and digital games. Moreover, I’m disappointed how the transparency for the future of Arena has all but disappeared this year.

Last week, Wizards announced more changes on the horizon, bringing a bigger focus to exclusive digital cards, mechanics, and formats to Arena. On the bright side, it’s neat to see what design spaces Wizards has wanted to explore that wouldn’t pan out well with physical cards. Also, I thought many of the cards from Jumpstart: Historic Horizons would cause a bigger stir, but the new additions didn’t burn the game to the ground as my darkest fears predicted. The digital mechanics, while radical sounding at first glance, have luckily been rather tame, and the … Read more