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UPDATE: Raven Software Lays Off Members Of Its QA Team

Update 12/03/21 7:19 p.m. Central time: A new report from The Washington Post further details today’s layoffs at Raven Software. According to the outlet, “at least a dozen” contractors on Raven’s QA team have been let go. As the outlet points out, that’s about one-third of the QA department’s overall testers. More contractors are expected to be told between today, December 3, and next Wednesday, December 8, if they’re being promoted or laid-off, Washington Post writes. 

According to the report, Activision-Blizzard has ended its staffing partnership with the company Tapfin. It will be expanding its partnership instead with the company Volt. Contractors not affected by today’s layoffs will now be Volt employees. They will also receive a $1.50 raise, bringing their hourly total up to $18.50 per hour, and increased bonuses and benefits, employees told Washington Post

Employees affected by layoffs will have their contracts ended on January 28, Read more