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More Steam Users Are Still Playing Farming Simulator 22 Over Battlefield 2042

Over the past couple of days, sites like Game Rant, which we first saw surface these stats, have been keeping an eye on how Steam users are spending their time by comparing two disparate but new titles from the month of November. One is a humble farming sim, while the other is a blockbuster multiplayer shooter. Which would you guess more people are playing on the platform just weeks after launch? As of 6:30 p.m. on November 30, Farming Simulator 22 was beating Battlefield 2042 in concurrent Steam users. That’s a bit of a surprise, yeah?

In the image above (captured from Steam’s own data you can see here), the numbers on the left represent current active players for each game, while the numbers on the right are total players for the day. As of the time of this snapshot, Farming Simulator 22 had over 3,000 more current players … Read more