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X-Men Could Be A Fantastic Roguelike (In The Right Hands)

In the world of comics, X-Men has been a hot property in recent years. While the popularity of Marvel’s mutants has rarely been at risk in the last couple of decades, the current narrative arc, launched with the House of X book in 2019, has injected new life into the characters and stories. That same story has all the makings of a thrilling video game and one that uses a very particular gameplay structure – the roguelike. As if written to use that very conceit, a roguelike X-Men game could capture something intriguing and exciting about the current fiction. And that vision would be at its best if it came from a small team given creative freedom to make the game its own.

For the uninitiated, the Dawn of X storyline helped relaunch the X-Men comics a couple of years back, reinventing some core aspects of the narrative to reinvigorate … Read more