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Far Cry 6 Is Crossing Over With Stranger Things And Rambo, And Gives You Control Of Past Far Cry Villains

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Far Cry 6’s DLC invites you into the minds of madmen, reminds us why Rambo is awesome, and veers into unexpected territory with a Stranger Things crossover. Ubisoft shared new details for this exciting post-launch content and also gives us a nice look at what we can expect (which you can see in the trailer above). After Far Cry 6 launches on October 7, and players hopefully make it through the campaign, Ubisoft is releasing three DLC episodes, each giving you control of a different villain from Far Cry’s past.

The first episode, titled “Vaas: insanity” brings you into the mind of Far Cry 3’s antagonist Vaas Montenegro. Episode two is called “Pagan: Control” and dives into the life of Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min. The final episode, “Joseph: Collapse,” focuses on Far Cry 5′ Joseph Seed. All of these returning villains are voiced … Read more